Learn CoffeeScript, the powerful little language that compiles into JavaScript. Take a sip of our CoffeeScript tutorial & learn to get more done with less code.

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Course Overview

  1. Level 1 on CoffeeScript

    Level 1 Free Level 1 Video | 7 Challenges
    Variables and Functions

    An overview of variables and functions

  2. Level 2 on CoffeeScript

    Level 2 1 Video | 6 Challenges
    Applied jQuery

    Converting jQuery to CoffeeScript

  3. Level 3 on CoffeeScript

    Level 3 1 Video | 7 Challenges
    Conditionals & Operators

    Conditionals, chained comparisons, switch cases, and existential operators

  4. Level 4 on CoffeeScript

    Level 4 1 Video | 7 Challenges
    Arrays, Objects, Iterations

    Using arrays, object literals, loops, list comprehension, and splat arguments

  5. Level 5 on CoffeeScript

    Level 5 1 Video | 3 Challenges
    Applied jQuery II

    Understanding and using jQuery object notation

  6. Level 6 on CoffeeScript

    Level 6 1 Video | 6 Challenges
    Object Orientation

    Classes, class inheritance, property arguments

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Learn CoffeeScript, the powerful little language that compiles into JavaScript. Take a sip of our CoffeeScript tutorial & learn to get more done with less code.

Recommended Prerequisites

  • Intermediate Knowledge of JavaScript

About The Professors

Gregg is passionate about taking complex topics and teaching them efficiently. He's helped build Envy Labs, Starter Studio, and Code School. He also furthers education through BarCamp in Orlando, the Orlando Ruby Users Group, and the Orlando Tech Events newsletter.

Carlos is a software developer who is constantly looking for better ways to write code. When not making loud noises on his mechanical keyboard, he can be found rock climbing or playing music.

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Course Notes

  • Estimated Course Length: 4 - 5 hours

Course Reviews (20)


Constantly amazed at the quality of tutorials guys. It makes it super fun and engaging. The real-time compiler to Javascript was a huge help and +1 for cool factor. Whenever I need a break from what I'm working on, I'll whip through a tutorial on CodeSchool. Feels more like a video game than school. :-)


Awesome CoffeeScript course ... can't wait to convert some of my ugly JavaScript into CoffeeScript. The courses on code school just get better.


I've dabbled in coffeescript before, but "A sip of coffeescript" really helped take me to the next level. I love that they tied it in to some of the previous codeschool jQuery courses as it really helped with the "real-world" aspect of Coffeescript implementation. Fantastically done course, these just keep getting better and better! Bravo Codeschool.


I couldn't think of an appropriate title for this review. It's a little late now, but maybe I went too front-heavy with the bacon-wrapped enchiladas, I don't know. What I DO know, though, is that this course is a keeper. Fun Fact: I went to work the next day and fired off 50 lines of CoffeeScript code to set up a feature that took almost 200 lines of JS on one of our other sites. Double-whammy: I had literally never written a line of JS code prior to running through the jQuery Air course 4 days prior. That's about as high an endorsement as I can think of for any training/tutorial/course.