Course Description

Explore the fundamentals of CSS, and review all the web-styling tools needed for front-end efficiency.

Course Overview

  1. Level 1 on CSS Cross-Country

    Level 1 Free Level Frost-Proof Fundamentals 1 Video | 6 Challenges

    Adding style, selectors, the cascade, and floats

  2. Level 2 on CSS Cross-Country

    Level 2 Clear Carving 1 Video | 5 Challenges

    Clearing floats, inheritance, and specificity

  3. Level 3 on CSS Cross-Country

    Level 3 Box Bindings 1 Video | 5 Challenges

    The box model, positioning, and z-index

  4. Level 4 on CSS Cross-Country

    Level 4 Grooming Your Code 1 Video | 6 Challenges

    DRY, display types, and centering

  5. Level 5 on CSS Cross-Country

    Level 5 CSS Safety 1 Video | 4 Challenges

    Protecting your layout and specificity problems

  6. Level 6 on CSS Cross-Country

    Level 6 Image Issues 1 Video | 5 Challenges

    Image use and image cropping

  7. Level 7 on CSS Cross-Country

    Level 7 Sprightly Slaloms 1 Video | 5 Challenges

    Image replacement and sprites

  8. Level 8 on CSS Cross-Country

    Level 8 Pseudo Sitzmark 1 Video | 7 Challenges

    Pseudo classes and pseudo elements

About The Professors

Nick Walsh

Nick Walsh

Nick is a front-end developer by way of design, having traded in Creative Suite for CSS methodologies and web standards. As a preprocessor aficionado of the Rails persuasion, nary a day goes by without him evangelizing Sass, Haml or CoffeeScript.

Aimee Booth

Aimee Booth

Aimee is a full-stack Ruby on Rails developer with a love for test-driven development and animated gifs.

Course Notes

This course should take approximately 4 - 5 hours.

Course Reviews (18)


After a few years of using CSS as one of my main professional tools, this course was more about consolidating knowledge acquired around scattered sources and while working on various projects. It fulfilled this purpose well, and I managed to learn a few extra bits of skill. This would be a godsend for beginners, and I still recommend it for accomplished designers.


As someone teaching themselves CSS, HTML and javascript, I find these courses invaluable. Although I was already fairly familiar with much of what the course covered, the bits I did learn were so practical that I groaned when I realized how much simpler it would have made my styelsheets if I had been aware of them previously. If you are teaching yourself CSS I would highly recommend this course, if you are anything like me you may have totally neglected learning some very simple and practical things that you would otherwise not even be aware of.