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Git Real 2

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Course Description

Learn advanced Git by practicing Git version control with Git Real 2. Continue to increase your Git skills by learning more advanced systems within Git.

Course Overview

  1. Level 1 on Git Real 2

    Level 1 Free Level Interactive Rebase 1 Video | 10 Challenges

    Edit your commits through the use of interactive rebase

  2. Level 2 on Git Real 2

    Level 2 Stashing 1 Video | 13 Challenges

    Not quite ready to commit? Git stash is the perfect solution

  3. Level 3 on Git Real 2

    Level 3 Purging History 1 Video | 5 Challenges

    Accidentally commit something sensitive? Purge it!

  4. Level 4 on Git Real 2

    Level 4 Working together 1 Video | 9 Challenges

    Make Git work together on multiple operating systems

  5. Level 5 on Git Real 2

    Level 5 Submodules 1 Video | 10 Challenges

    Ever wanted to use another repository inside of another?

  6. Level 6 on Git Real 2

    Level 6 Reflog 1 Video | 6 Challenges

    Undo almost anything and find lost commits using reflog

Recommended Prerequisites

About The Professor

Gregg Pollack

Gregg Pollack

Gregg is passionate about taking complex topics and teaching them efficiently. He's helped build Envy Labs, Starter Studio, and Code School. He also furthers education through BarCamp in Orlando, the Orlando Ruby Users Group, and the Orlando Tech Events newsletter.

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Course Notes

This course should take approximately 4 - 5 hours.

This course teaches Git using version

Course Reviews (37)


Very easy to follow. Really simplified the concept of rebasing. Never knew about submodules, either. Interesting concept (although it looks like a PITA to manage). Highly recommend doing the Git Real first. That was a great course, too.


I've been using Git in my workflow at my work for over a year now, so I'm comfortable with stashing and merging branches. However, there was a wealth of great insight and useful tips that I got from doing this course. Time spent on this course is an investment!


I am using git everyday and I just learnt super useful tips that will make my life easier. In this more advanced Course, you'll learn to do things the clean way and recover from your mistakes. This course is truly amazing, thank you so much!