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Mastering GitHub

Learn advanced tips, tricks, and proven best practices for collaborating more effectively with GitHub.

Retired Course

Course Overview

  1. Level 1 Complete on Mastering Github

    Level 1 Free Level 4 Videos | 5 Challenges
    Fork Based Workflows

    Tuning your Git config and better collaboration through forking.

  2. Level 2 on Mastering Github

    Level 2 3 Videos | 4 Challenges
    Single Repository Workflows

    Best practices for collaborating in a single repository.

  3. Level 3 Complete

    Level 3 3 Videos | 3 Challenges
    Tags, Branches and Releases

    Tracking production releases using Git Tags, release branches, and GitHub Releases.

  4. Level 4 Complete

    Level 4 3 Videos | 4 Challenges
    Issues, Wiki's and GitHub Pages

    Using GitHub Issues, Wikis, and Pages to collaborate and communicate.

  5. Level 5 Complete

    Level 5 2 Videos | 11 Challenges
    Managing and Securing GitHub

    Repo setup, tracking project progress and managing access to your repositories.

  6. Level 6 Complete

    Level 6 2 Videos | 4 Challenges
    Automating GitHub

    Integrating existing services, creating custom webhooks, and working with the GitHub API.

  7. Level 7 Complete

    Level 7 1 Video | 4 Challenges
    Command Line GitHub

    Using hub to create, fork, clone and collaborate on repositories - no browser needed!

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Learn advanced tips, tricks, and proven best practices for collaborating more effectively with GitHub.

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About The Professor

Peter is passionate about helping people build better software. He's a contract member of the GitHub training team, is writing books on Git and GitHub for Pearson and O’Reilly, and is the founder of Pragmatic Learning, Speak Geek and the Startup CTO Summit Series.

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Course Notes

  • Estimated Course Length: 6 - 8 hours
  • Mastering GitHub uses git version 2.x and has 116 minutes of videos.

  • Use of a GitHub account and a local terminal in which you can interact with Git are required to complete the challenges for this course.

Course Reviews (14)


This course really makes for a wonderful cap off the the whole git track of the electives. The challenges will have you using a lot of functionality that you learned about in previous courses. Mastering GitHub brought a lot of the concepts together for me, but I would highly recommend going though at least GitReal before this course.


We are working daily with GitHub using the feature branch workflow, but this course open our eyes to so many cool things that can be done or improved in our workflow. Better use of tags, wikis, interactive rebasing when we have dumb commits... The permissions and access chapter has been very useful to clarify us how to work with external services or granting GitHub access to our scripts without having to fight with ssh keys. Hub chapter is amazing. I can't believe we haven't been using it. Peter is a great teacher. He speaks in a very clear way to non english students like us, and you see that he enjoy's teaching. I have done many courses here. Ad Mastering Github is my favorite! Good job!


To actually use github for real to learn github is total genius. The instructions are clear and the complex topics are made easy to absorb as a result of the real hands on learning.


Clearly understanding forking and syncing upstream repos was amazing. The extra workflow stuff was very helpful too. Learning how to use CLI 'hub' could be a winner too!