Course Description

Learn the basics of jQuery 2.0, a JavaScript library, to modify elements on the page and improve user interaction.

Course Overview

  1. Level 1 on Try jQuery

    Level 1 Free Level Introduction to jQuery 2 Videos | 10 Challenges

    A gentle introduction to what jQuery is, and what it can do.

  2. Level 2 on Try jQuery

    Level 2 Free Level Traversing the DOM 2 Videos | 11 Challenges

    Search & walk through the DOM with selectors and traversing.

  3. Level 3 on Try jQuery

    Level 3 Free Level Working with the DOM 4 Videos | 18 Challenges

    Add & remove from the DOM, more traversing, and user events.

  4. Level 4 on Try jQuery

    Level 4 Free Level Listening to DOM Events 4 Videos | 16 Challenges

    Listen for events, handle them, and change the default event behavior of web browsers.

  5. Level 5 on Try jQuery

    Level 5 Free Level Styling 2 Videos | 8 Challenges

    Before landing, tame CSS with jQuery and animate elements on the page.

About The Professor

Gregg Pollack

Gregg Pollack

Gregg is passionate about taking complex topics and teaching them efficiently. He's helped build Envy Labs, Starter Studio, and Code School. He also furthers education through BarCamp in Orlando, the Orlando Ruby Users Group, and the Orlando Tech Events newsletter.

Teaching Assistants

Course Notes

This course should take approximately 6 - 8 hours.

Course Reviews (47)


I had little JavaScript experience and no jquery experience at all when I took this course. I felt great taking the challenges and the fact that you actually have to think your way thru and not only repeat what you'd just been told is great for actually learning what you've been told. After I finished the course I sent and email to my co-workers recomending everyone to take it.