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Try Objective-C


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Course Overview

  1. Level 1 on Try Objective-C

    Level 1 Free Level 14 Challenges
    Grass World

    Create and log common objects

  2. Level 2 on Try Objective-C

    Level 2 Free Level 11 Challenges
    Ice World

    Sending messages and getting results

  3. Level 3 on Try Objective-C

    Level 3 Free Level 12 Challenges
    Sand World

    Control the flow

  4. Level 4 on Try Objective-C

    Level 4 Free Level 24 Challenges
    Lava World

    Create your own classes

  5. Level 5 on Try Objective-C

    Level 5 Free Level 9 Challenges
    Space World

    Learning from mistakes

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About The Professor

Eric is a late bloomer who got his first computer in college and fell in love with programming. An auto-didactic, he found Ruby when Rails hit in 2004. But his technical eye has wandered in the recent years and after helping create the original Rails for Zombies he has taught courses on Node.js, Backbone, and iOS through Try iOS, Try Objective-C, and most recently Core iOS 7.

Course Notes

  • Estimated Course Length: 6 - 8 hours

Course Reviews (101)


Having "dabbled" in trying to learn Objective-C many many months ago, I thought I might hit the same walls as before. Rather than worrying about what I was doing in Xcode, the course allowed me to focus more on the thought and specifics on the actual code itself. I feel like I came away with a much better understanding of why things are done they way there are in Obj-C. Definitely worth it for those that are looking to branch out into iOS and Mac OS programming.


I really enjoyed this course. The format and the humor made it fun. Having to actually type in the code helps. I've read lots of programming books over the years, and just reading you think you're getting it all, but often a lot slps through your memory. I feel like I will learn faster and remember better with courses like this.


I had somewhat of a self-taught background in iOS and Objective-C but this course helped tremendously in cementing in what I had already learned in Objective-C (through various projects). It also helped a lot in clarifying some topics I was a little confused on. Overall, I would highly recommend this course whether you are new to iOS or already have some experience in Objective-C or iOS. You may learn something entirely new or gain a better understanding of topics used on a regular basis! (Also, the design is awesome! I loved Super Mario World!)

Chris Frank

This is just incredible. I'm a programmer at a startup in SF, and use Node/Backbone at work. This was an insanely helpful tutorial for me to learn objective-c. Love it - keep up the great work!