Course Description

Learn the R programming language for data analysis and visualization. This software programming language is great for statistical computing and graphics.

Course Overview

  1. Level 1 on Try R

    Level 1 Free Level Using R 22 Challenges

    A gentle introduction to R expressions, variables, and functions.

  2. Level 2 on Try R

    Level 2 Free Level Vectors 39 Challenges

    Grouping values into vectors, then doing arithmetic and graphs with them.

  3. Level 3 on Try R

    Level 3 Free Level Matrices 25 Challenges

    Creating and graphing two-dimensional data sets.

  4. Level 4 on Try R

    Level 4 Free Level Summary Statistics 12 Challenges

    Calculating and plotting some basic statistics: mean, median, and standard deviation.

  5. Level 5 on Try R

    Level 5 Free Level Factors 11 Challenges

    Creating and plotting categorized data.

  6. Level 6 on Try R

    Level 6 Free Level Data Frames 12 Challenges

    Organizing values into data frames, loading frames from files and merging them.

  7. Level 7 on Try R

    Level 7 Free Level Real-World Data 9 Challenges

    Testing for correlation between data sets, linear models, and extending R with additional libraries.

About The Professor

Jay McGavren

Jay McGavren

Jay was a (gasp!) Java developer when he discovered Ruby in 2007. He had to subsist on one-off Ruby scripts and side projects until at last, he joined the Code School team. He ships Ruby code every day now, and loves it.

Course Notes

This course should take approximately 2 - 3 hours.

Course Reviews (253)


I can't think of one single thing that would make a better interactive course, the format is truly exceptional. It shows Code School have some of the best usability experts in the world on board. I would rate this 5 if it included more advanced topics as well. I'm hoping for a follow-up!


Great job to the Code School folks who put this interactive tutorial together. I've used "intro to R" books and videos but this was my favorite. Whenever someone has a couple free hours and is serious about finally learning R for the first time, this tutorial is perfectly designed and fun to use.


It took me about an hour, but I it was very pleasure experience. Examples was great and even with so short course I was able to fill the power of R. Looking forward to try more courses. Keep it rolling! Nice job, guys!


Very nice and smooth transition into the R language. I have always been hearing about it, but never made the move to try it until now. I love technology, especially when it comes on to programming and the dynamics these languages have to offer. This is a very good addition to my programming toolkit; everyone should give it a try. Keep up the excellent work Code School!