Jobs at Code School

We strive to make it easier for people to learn by doing.

If you love teaching, designing interfaces and building great software we'd like to have you on the team. We're still a small and tightly-knit team, but we're always interested in getting to know hard working and passionate people who could help us improve Code School.

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There are no open positions right now, but check back soon.


Our offices are located at the GAI building in Downtown Orlando.


We like to enjoy coming to work. The espresso machine, the automated tea brewer, a magical fridge filled with good stuff, free catered lunches on Fridays, Yoga sessions, and Whiskey Wednesdays (for those who drink) often help with that.

If you're not into Scotch the Kegerator is a good option especially if you come have lunch in the dining area, and if you want take a little break the Ping Pong table is a few steps away with a lovely view of East Orlando.


We like to keep things simple but on day one you'll get a 24" screen with an Ergotron mount, a laptop stand, wireless external keyboard & and mouse so you can have a comfortable workspace.

We'll also pay for 25% of your new work computer, so you can pick whichever one you like best.


We trust you to do your best work within our team. Nobody will chase you down because you're not there at 9AM. Set your own schedule. If you can ship it, we can deal with it.

It's nice to get together since we made our office space so enjoyable so most of us are in the office on Mondays and Fridays but most of the team works from home between one and three days a week. It makes it a lot easier to handle social and family life.