Learn the fundamentals of design, front-end development, and crafting user experiences that are easy on the eyes.

Getting Started With HTML and CSS
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HTML and CSS are the languages you can use to build and style websites. In these courses, you’ll learn the basics of HTML and CSS, build your first website, and then review some of the current HTML5 and CSS3 best practices.

Intermediate CSS
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Simple CSS can get you pretty far, but once you start getting serious about front-end development, you need to get exposed to more advanced topics, such as specificity, floating, animations, and responsive design. These courses teach you some best practices for working with CSS and building responsive websites to get your users moving in the right direction.

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SVG (scalable vector graphics) makes it possible to create images and graphics that can scale to any size without distortion, as well as create and edit graphics using only code. Learn the ins and outs of this versatile image format and help shape up your SVG knowledge.

CSS Preprocessors
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Many front-end developers prefer to use a CSS preprocessor to organize and speed up their workflow. There are several options, but we prefer the popular Sass variety.

CSS Frameworks
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Once you’ve built your fair share of web pages, you might notice much of your time is spent reinventing components like grids, navigation, and calls to action. In these courses, you’ll learn how using a framework can speed up your site creation process and help you write more maintainable code.

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A front-end developer with good design sensibilities can dream up the way things should look and work, and then use the power of HTML and CSS to implement those designs.

The Build an Interactive Website badge

Want to build a website?

Building interactive websites involves defining the structure of your code and adding visual style. Play through our front-end development-related courses to earn the DOM Ready badge and learn the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript skills you need to get started.

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In addition to our courses, we provide supplemental learning through screencasts. As you embark on the HTML/CSS Path, the following videos will help you study on.