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About Code School

Founded in 2011, Code School is an online learning destination for existing and aspiring developers that teaches through entertaining content. With over 60 courses covering HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, Python, .NET, iOS, Git, databases, and more, Code School pairs experienced instructors with engaging, high-quality content inspired by its community. More than 1 million people around the world come to Code School to improve their development skills and learn by doing.

  • Courses for all skill levels: Whether you’ve been programming for decades or have just started learning, Code School offers something for everyone. Choose from courses taught by experienced instructors in Code School’s technology Paths — HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, Python, .NET, iOS, Git, and Database — and take advantage of our growing number of Electives on topics such as the R programming language and regular expressions.
  • In-browser coding: With Code School, you can test code directly in your web browser without a local development environment, while receiving immediate feedback on code submissions.
  • Gamified experience: Need a little encouragement? As you successfully complete courses, you’ll rack up points and earn badges to show off your code prowess.

Our Mission

We exist to enliven the learning of new technologies.

Our Brand

We know learning to code can be difficult, especially given the busyness of life. Thanks to our themed courses and instant challenge feedback, we believe there’s no better way to begin learning a new technology than learning by doing with Code School.


  • 30,000+ Students
  • 2M+ Enrollments
  • 9 Coding Paths
  • 60+ Courses
  • 1 Office in Orlando, FL
  • 50 Employees

Business Model

Code School’s subscriptions are $29 a month for unlimited access to all Code School courses and screencasts, with the option of monthly, six-month, and annual subscription types.

Teaching at Code School

We’re always looking for experienced instructors who are passionate about helping others learn to code! If you’d like to review our open positions, visit


  • February 2011 - Code School is founded and launches its first course, Rails for Zombies.
  • October 2014 - Code School hits 1 million users on
  • January 2015 - Code School is acquired by Pluralsight. ( New York Times )
  • August 2015 - Code School team grows to 50 employees.

Courses and Community

Learn by Doing

Pairing immersive video lessons with in-browser challenges, Code School students are able to put their new skills into action. By reinforcing what’s being taught onscreen, students can master skills and learn to code quickly.

Popular Courses

Code School covers a wide range of technologies, but some of our most popular courses include:

Technologies We Teach

Code School Paths

Our technology Paths offer a structured roadmap to help students start learning and know where to head next.

  • HTML/CSS — Discover the fundamentals of design, front-end development, and crafting user experiences that are easy on the eyes.
  • JavaScript — Spend some time with this powerful scripting language and learn to build lightweight web applications with enhanced user interfaces.
  • Ruby — Master your Ruby skills and increase your Rails street cred by learning to build dynamic, sustainable applications for the web.
  • Python — Explore what it means to store and manipulate data, make decisions with your program, and leverage the power of Python.
  • .NET — Discover how .NET and ASP.NET Core can help you build scalable, easy-to-maintain web applications.
  • iOS — Try your hand at building iOS applications for iPhone and iPad mobile devices. Learn the basics of iOS development and bring your app ideas to life.
  • Git — Learn how to collaborate on projects effectively with GitHub by learning the foundations of Git and pairing it with advanced version control skills.
  • Database — Take control of your application’s data layer by learning SQL, and take NoSQL for a spin if you’re feeling non-relational.
  • Electives — Learn off the beaten Path and explore topics like regular expressions and the R programming language to see how these courses can enhance your overall development strategy.

The Code School Leadership Team

  • Gregg Pollack, Founder
  • Ashley Smith, Chief Operating Officer
  • Thomas Meeks, Chief Technology Officer
  • Jon Friskics, Content Director
  • Katie Delfin, Platform Engineering Director
  • Russ Centanni, Content Engineering Director
  • Justin Mezzell, Creative Director
  • Drew Barontini, Front-end Director


618 E. South Street Unit #620 Orlando, FL 32801

About Pluralsight

Code School is a Pluralsight company. Pluralsight is the global leader in online learning for professional software developers, IT specialists, and creative technologists. Together, our goal is to democratize professional learning, making it more accessible to those around the world. As we grow, we will continue to seek those opportunities that will foster this cause and empower individuals and enterprises to truly embrace a culture of learning.

How to Write "Code School"

Code School is written as two words, with both the “C” and “S” capitalized.

How to Write "Pluralsight"

Pluralsight is written as one word, with the “P” capitalized.

For a complete list of our courses and their official titles, visit our course page.


Gregg Pollack

Code School Founder

Ashley Smith

Chief Operating Officer

Thomas Meeks

Chief Technology Officer

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