Code School for Business

Enliven your team's learning with expert-led videos, screencasts, and interactive coding challenges.

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Teams learning with Code School

Booz Allen Hamilton

Teams Use Code School For:

Onboarding Employees

Help new hires quickly learn the technologies they’ll be using in their day-to-day work.

Implementing New Technologies

Ensure everyone on your team is on the same page when switching to a new programming language or framework.

Increasing Team Efficiency

Give employees the ability to master current skills or learn something new entirely.

Team Management Made Easy

Track Team Progress and Goals

Your Team Dashboard makes it easy to monitor individuals’ progress toward completing courses and paths. Use the team leaderboard to keep everyone motivated and engaged.

Download Reports and Manage Seats

Quickly generate up-to-date reports on your team, individual team members, or course-specific progress, and easily remove or add seats to your team’s subscription.

Watch A Demo

Get an overview of business account features in this quick video walkthrough.

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