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Update a Page Using Semantic HTML

Convert an existing portfolio page to HTML by updating to more semantic elements, including header, footer, main, section, and nav.

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Project Overview

Start with an existing HTML web page (the Build a Portfolio Using HTML and CSS project) and convert it to use semantic HTML tags. The result won’t look too different from before, but it introduces a few new HTML elements (like header, footer, main, nav, and section) that make our code easier to read. (If you've never used those before, we recommend taking the Front-End Formations course.) Here’s what the page could look like:

Sample Portfolio

What You’ll Need

You’ll need a GitHub account, Git installed locally, and a text editor to edit HTML. We recommend using GitHub’s Atom Editor, which is free and very powerful. The Brackets editor is another great tool.

Live Demo

Wondering what this project will look like when you've completed it? Follow this link to see a live version of this project.

About This Project

~ about 1 hour