Screencast Basecamp: Search Electives

  • Gregg Pollack


  1. Trevor Wistaff said

    Excellent! It's especially nice to see the natural interactions between you guys and the resulting code.

  2. Paul Jackson said

    Interesting to see David's refactoring thoughts. Look forward to more in the series! By the way, what Vim plugin were you using Carlos?

  3. Faculty

    Carlos Souza said

    Thanks! Paul, I've updated the resources tab with a link to my vim config.

  4. Peter Cooper said

    That find_jump_target thing is a curious refactoring. It makes the controller more confusing, and especially when you have more code on there that it doesn't fit on one screen, if jump = find_jump_target means nothing at first glance.

  5. Faculty

    Carlos Souza said

    @Peter good point. As a next step I'd probably extract that code out of the controller to another class, i.e. QuickSearch.

  6. Dwayne R. Crooks said

    I love feature focus. Keep it up! This is something I've always wanted and no other service is providing.

    It would be interesting to see how to implement the search across multiple tables and still have pagination work.

  7. BjornST said

    I really liked this! I was just about to implement a search feature in a web app i'm working with and this gave me some ideas.

  8. lizixroy said

    Vert awesome program! It's really interesting to here advices from someone like David. Hope to see more episodes.

  9. Ralph Wintle said

    Great series! Just seeing a 'whiteboard' discussion taking place immediately adds value and DHH's insights are excellent. Now can we find out what that watch DHH is wearing (please)?

  10. Pedro Medeiros said

    I liked the Search model approach, a single model that isn't necessary an ActiveRecord model that is meant just to search. And also liked how you guys designed the solution on a white board before showing the code. Also enjoyed some insights from dhh. But I have to Agree with Peter, I didn't like his refactory at the controller. O found it more confusing to understand.

  11. jjelinek said

    I've been implementing simple searches in my Rails apps for a while based on the model I'm searching through. I didn't really thing to actually create a class for Search and a separate controller. Definitely gives me something to think about. I also like Rails 4.x.x find_by method and passing a field. I'm still working with some 3.2.19 apps so find_by would be nice. DHH's refactor confused me a bit but after looking at the source code it made sense. Great work guys, can't wait to see more of these.

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