Screencast Build A Meme Generator App With Android Android

  • Sarah Holderness


  1. ajuneja13041991 said

    need to be simple.. What is intent?? what is start Activity method ?? Not working for me..... i am a beginner to Android..

  2. andrefurquim said

    You have to watch and go through Try Android course and the other course before. Once you do it, everything will make sense.

  3. Gina Cortright said

    Very informative! Thank you!

  4. Jfrank77 said

    This is actually really cool! great way to put into practice this new android skills to create something for my inner nerd ;)

  5. Ali Kholafaei said

    Hi. Thank you for your screencast. Regarding mime images, what sizes should images usually be? I copied/pasted a few images (from google search result) to image view but they do not display properly. I tried to adjust their positions using android studio, but it did not help much. Is there any rules for size/format of images here?

About This Screencast

In this episode, we will take the concepts taught in the Try Android and Super Sweet Android Time courses to build a Meme Generator app with Android. To accomplish this we will use an Intent to launch the Gallery, use a File Provider to save the Meme to a File, and finally share the Meme with other apps.

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