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  • Gregg Pollack


  1. gwapes9 said

    As someone who just finished RFZ1 and also in the midst of RFZ2, I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed this and hope to see an episode for RFZ2. I would compare this to the "Sandbox" from the first series which allows you to get your hands dirty and put those new concepts to work. Even though a lot of the new concepts haven't quite "clicked" yet for me, I am confident that they will eventually with these great courses.

  2. xjox said

    Very cool guys, keep 'em coming. I've only been a student here for few days, and I'm impressed. Codeschool really makes learning fun.

  3. Tofu42 said

    Excellent supplementary material for learning Rails. I would love to see more videos like this so I can code along.

  4. Fernando Varani said

    Awesome, it looks like some friends meeting on the weekend. But please, check the microphone next time. =P

  5. Ben Morgan said

    If you continue this series, I will actually set aside a whole hour for these!

    Do continue them.

  6. Viraj said

    Can't wait for such session on testing. Please, please do make that.

  7. Brandon Pittman said

    I usually enjoy the courses, but I feel like I actually got more out of this screencast. It was great following along and making my own little changes to the example code and by the end of the hour, I had a basic (but functioning) Rails app going! Thanks a bunch for this. I would love to see more of these. One a week would be awesome. :)

  8. Felgeekpe said

    Great material, it would be very useful to have more of this and not only on Rails.

  9. Jason Doery said

    Guys, this was really great. I've been working through the lessons and hadnt yet attempted anything on my own. It was excellent as a recap and reminding me of some things I had been learning. I actually did everything you did on the screen word for word. So one quick comment would be to pause for just one second before alt-tab off the code screen after typing it all out. Just enough time to hit the pause button and go and do it in my own app :) I had to keep rewinding 2 seconds haha

    Really great though guys and I'm thoroughly enjoying the courses. Keep it up!

  10. linusan said

    This screencast was really nice, please do more of them.

  11. petey said

    Enjoyed watching this as a review and also learning some cool new tips. I liked how everything was built from scratch (model -> controller, setting routes) and how it was filmed live (it's reassuring to know that even more experienced developers make mistakes, or forget things, and see how they look them up in the Guide or API). I think it really complements the regular courses because you get to see Rails concepts and tools that you learned being applied from the view of a developer, and that solidifies your knowledge and confidence in using Rails. Would love to see a follow-up (maybe building the soup app further with more advanced features).

  12. Jan Ferko said

    Great screencast. I followed along in my terminal and I think I got really good sense of how rails development looks like.

  13. Matt said

    This was awesome, really liking the "informal" style and the ad-hoc pair-programming feel...very organic and engaging. Makes it easy to follow along without having to constantly rewatch. Hope to see more of these for other topics!

  14. Will Piers said

    I like this style a lot. This particular screencast was pretty basic, but if you did one of these with a toy ember app or something like that, I would really love it. Do more screencasts in this style!

  15. Egor Gromyko said


  16. seaspi said

    Great work! I love it! Even a newbie like me can understand and follow it. You guys are awesome!

  17. rykukuku said

    Why it stops in the middle? I can't even download it, because it's only half of the video :c

  18. Miguel said

    Awesome! I really like this concept of screencasts! Keep going like this!

  19. sonike said

    you only lacked the blanket !

  20. Rene Rios said

    This complements the course very well! When are we going to see one for RFZ2?

  21. Beau Harrison said

    I'm just going to reiterate what everyone else is saying. I really enjoyed following along. Love the relaxed style. Even though I really enjoy the courses I feel like I got practical use out of the video. Even though I completed RFZ & RFZ2, I was struggling to get started on my own. After watching this video I sat down and made my app! All it needs are the aesthetics. Can't wait to see more!

  22. thoughtquery said

    Please more videos like this that show going through the making of apps and real world situations. I would go as far to say that these are more helpful as I leave the regular lessons with a bunch of newfound information and not knowing how to do anything with it! Needless to say not using the information in application I lose alot of it then have to re watch the course

  23. Sean Snyder said

    This is an awesome screen-cast. Like everyone else, I look forward to more in this style as it will surely keep me coming back every month.

  24. hillsons said

    Agree with Thoughtquery and Beau Harrison, no matter how many RFZ challenges I completed I couldn't get my rails app off the ground. Immediately after following along with this screencast I was able to complete a fully functioning app. It was like night and day.

  25. jpancerman said

    Followed the exact steps, on a windows system. Got an ExecJS::RuntimeError in Categories#index. Any suggestions on how to workthrough?

  26. jpancerman said

    Installed Node.js and the error regarding ExecJS no longer received.

  27. bryansonic said

    PART 2!!!! arrgghhhh

  28. John Ryan said

    I liked this video. Seeing something in production shows things that get overlooked in the courses.

  29. Thomas Bush said

    Hey just thought it was worth mentioning. I have an alias for sublime, so instead of backing up a level, open and dragging the folder. I just cd into the folder and run sublime .

  30. sh7va said

    Why this videos stops in the middle??

  31. Adi said

    this was awesome. Definitely fills a gap between RFZ and doing it on your own

  32. Jaspreet Singh said

    Really enjoyed this!

  33. Stephen James said

    Good video. Great tips on how to figure out errors and solutions. My only suggestion, if you are going to use Sublime Edit on a video tutorial, pony up the money for the tool.

  34. sunyatasattva said

    The screencast was great until you decided to go cheap with the admin thing. I understand this is supposed to be a very basic screencast, but nobody is ever going to need that. I would suggest you either do it the "proper" (albeit simple) way, or just choose another example to illustrate the query params.

    I think a problem with tutorials is that they really get theorical for the sake of illustrating, then when you get doing real stuff, you always stumble upon things that weren't covered at all.

  35. Faculty

    Olivier Lacan said

    @Stephen James

    As I explain at the beginning of the session, this was a brand new computer. I wasn't kidding, I didn't even have a chance to install my license.

  36. Faculty

    Olivier Lacan said

    @sunyatasattva This was scope creep on @GreggPollack's part. We did not have time to cover building an authorization feature. If we do it will be in the Soup to Bits for another Ruby course.

  37. Faculty

    Olivier Lacan said

    @ThomasBush I do too:

    There was no time to digress with setting that up. I improvised. ;-)

  38. Robby Cowell said

    Very useful video, it's good to see things in action with a (more) real-world example; rather than the Rails for Zombies interface. Following along would be smoother if Oliver went a bit easier on the cmd + k's in the terminal, so we can see what the last few lines were without having to navigate back through the video. Great video nonetheless, really starting to get a hang of Rails now.

  39. Faculty

    Olivier Lacan said

    Sorry Robby, I'm a neat freak. :-)

  40. Javier Gómez-Acebo Finat said

    Congrats guys, really enjoyed it!

    Had to watch it a couple of times before it all went smoothly (I screwed up setting validation in the models and would'nt work properly), but really got a grasp of the concepts behind RFZs 1.

  41. Kyle MacLachlan said

    Really great cast to watch and learn! RFZ1 was amazing, although doing all the steps and creating an application (however simple) was a huge step for me. This cast was vital and well thought out . I appreciate the time and effort you guys put into this course!

    P.S. lots of determination had to go into that for you to work that late on a Sunday ;) Keep it up!

  42. rovitulli said

    Great job! Please continue :-)

  43. yazinsai said

    Great video -- I got lost somewhere along the way with matching the Soup to Categories with the Category ID. Great job with keeping it real Olivier with the API doc lookups.

  44. BD said

    awesome video ! Thanks very much

  45. Jianbin Ray said

    Great jobs.... I enjoy the soups...

  46. grantkruger said

    Look at all the excessive product placement advertising in this video! Tazo, Apple, RaisConf, Envy, Sublime Text and Chrome. But no coffee? Massive fail, dudes. You at least needed some caffeinated beverage that coders like (tea is just for trainers and Captain Picard). Ok, I'll stop my teasing now. Thanks for a very useful video and add me to the list of those who enjoyed the informal buddy code approach. I particularly like seeing how you learned from each other and learned from mistakes and were still surprised by a few things. This is actually very real and useful and adds a dimension that regular training cannot. Great addition to the course material. Thank you.

  47. Renzo Ulloa said

    Hack Rails! I learn a bit better with this method, refreshing testing changing testing a refreshing again...


  48. david said

    around 21:30 Greg says "holly shit" in regards to being correct on the ramen noodle soup names

  49. pascal huynh said

    This is an excellent video that every one should dive into right after completing Rails for Zombies part 1. Bravo Olivier, Bravo Gregg !

  50. Sergggio said

    Thanks thanks thanks and again thanks for such an awesome video. First of all, obviously this is a great tutorial for beginners, but most importantly (at least for me) this is some kind of a motivation to keep studying new stuff and coding coding coding. Looking forward to more videos like this one.

  51. sonthu said

    Super secret soups needed to get confidence

  52. jho7 said

    This was a big help after bumbling through Rails for Zombies I - seeing an implementing features in an actual rails app really helped to cement some of the material presented in the tutorial. Thanks!

  53. YenChenLin said

    wonderful tutorials

  54. karenliu said

    Olivier, you had it on the tip of your tongue at 20:54! Shio, Shoyu, and Miso are the other ramen soups. :)

    I appreciate that Rails is clever enough to pluralize "Category" as "Categories" rather than "Categorys" when connecting the pieces!

  55. Rui Miguel Branco Nunes said

    Very helpful after the course. So 5 years await me..

  56. Ryan Benedetti said

    This is a great add-on to RFZ, guys! I like the more real-world, ride along style of this! Great work!

  57. Felipe Rodrigues said

    Very helpful. Can't wait to see the next videos.

  58. Felipe Rodrigues said

    Very helpful. Can't wait to see the next videos.

  59. Felipe Rodrigues said

    Very helpful. Can't wait to see the next videos.

  60. Dapeng said

    Finished at 10 PM on a Sunday night, thank you both. Take care.

  61. patopatopato said

    Thumbs up, great complement to RFZ #1

  62. eggsellant said

    I loved seeing everything put together in this video. Only thing is that I would like to reiterate what some people said - it would have been really helpful if Olivier had been a bit slower on his computer instead of flipping through different windows. Overall, great video!

  63. aevitas said

    Hey! Awesome video, but I got stuck at the very beginning (>_<) because I none of the rails packages work (I am on OS 10.10.2). How can I install rails then? Thanks!

  64. Mat Harris said

    Thank you for this! And thank you for wanting to work off of errors and using the guides when you either got stuck or didn't know something. Seeing this is a constant reminder that it's okay not knowing something because there are so many good resources out there. Cheers!

  65. Mina Habib said

    Guys you are amazing, I'm feeling more comfortable now with rails!

  66. PhoenixFF said

    Not specifying the id in link_to "Toggle Featured", toggle_featured_path(@soup) doesn't work anymore in Rails 4.2.3. Good work not trusting that.

  67. Jonathan Soifer said

    Just finished RFZ and followed along with this screencast. Great learning tools. Thank you. Now, onwards to RFZ2.

  68. madblkman said

    This has been a great tool. However, at the part where you're creating an association between soup and category. Specifically "s.category" I keep getting a NoMethodError. Where am I messing up at?

  69. amplo said

    I am having the same error as 'madblkman'. At Video time 19:31. 's.category'. I am getting a "NoMethodError: undefined method `category' for..."

  70. Vyacheslav Pukhanov said

    This is a really great screencast and the really great series generally. I enjoy being able to use all the concepts I've learned in RfZ1 course on some kind of a basic example which I'm now able to use in some actual apps I will build with Rails.

  71. EquinoxWhite said

    Love it!!!!!

  72. KenAustria said

    I'm having the same issue as @madblkman and @amplo. Any help is appreciated.

    Video 19:31 's.category' NoMethodError

  73. Pere Sola said

    Video is great! Just halfway through it and got a question. It is a rookie one, sorry about it. What if we have a Windows? Are the command lines the same? Thanks :)

  74. matthewcole2010 said

    You do realize that most of your viewers use Windows, right? Most of the commands you covered don't work in Windows.

  75. davidhestrin said

    Thank you

  76. Katherina Fatiguso said

    Very helpful, thank you.

  77. wardy484 said

    Hi Guys, Just something that's been bothering me a bit about Rails. Why are tables referenced as symbols?

  78. Alexander Kuzmin said

    the video won't load: "Network error: cannot load any video sources" :(

  79. reamp said

    the video won't load: "Network error: cannot load any video sources" :( [2]

  80. Faculty

    Stefan Nychka said

    Sorry guys! I think you were caught in a window where the video wasn't loading. But, it's good to go now!

  81. mr3islam said


  82. Catherine said

    Great video! It's normal to watch the tutorials and think, 'OK, that looks pretty simple,' but then having more difficulties when putting the theory into practise so this screencast and the 10 pages of notes(!) I took has been very instructional for me. Always good quality courses from CS!

  83. Luke Stutters said

    The command at 22:05 will fail on Rails 5: s = Soup.create(name: "Beef Flavor") because Rails 5 requires relations to be not null, unlike older versions. You can follow the video commands if you change models/soup.rb to: belongs_to :category, optional: true and reload!

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