Screencast Build an Interactive Website: Part 2 HTML/CSS

  • Jon Friskics


  1. Marc Hoekstra said

    Why don't you use this to load both fonts?

  2. Marc Hoekstra said

    I can't post HTML -_-'

    Why don't you use this to load both fonts? link href=',400italic,700|Montserrat:700' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'

  3. Dick Donohue said

    I like that you haven't edited out the parts where it wasn't working the way you expected!

  4. Faye Wright said

    Agreed about the parts where it doesn't work, it helps to see it not working and how to fix them. Shows how to fix simple problems that I haven't understood before. Thanks

  5. Renato Nouman said

    The Terminal theme Jon uses with iTerm is absolutely amazing. Is it an open theme? If so, where can I get it?

  6. Student #2272311 said

    made perfect sense!

  7. digitalmcm said

    Really nice courses so far. I love the interaction and pace of each panelist. They are doing very well explaining the process!

  8. reniie said

    My animation flash wont work :( can i post my code somewhere?

  9. Abdikadar Abdi Hagi-Ali said

    what do you have written on sheet you keep looking at?

About This Screencast

Learn to enhance the user experience on a website with JavaScript. In the second episode of the Build an Interactive Website series, we'll continue working on the Front-end News site by adding jQuery, triggering animations, and showing and hiding a form field.

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