Screencast Build an Interactive Website: Part 3 HTML/CSS

  • Drew Barontini


  1. gimmy7221 said

    make an interactive website with ajax and you guys and I would be so happy. This was great.

  2. brahmramkissoon said

    ran into an issue where Chrome has " Transform: translate ( -50%, 0);" as invalid property value.

  3. brahmramkissoon said

    previous issue solved: no spaces allowed between translate and brackets.

    The format of the screencast is excellent, showcasing potential discussions between developers. It also shows us how to chunk the design into smaller sections, using helpful practices such as naming classes right away during HTML scaffolding, and finally, showing how HTML, CSS and jQuery connect. I'm sure we're all hungry for more.

  4. Abimanyu Saridjo said

    i watch these videos during my commute to work and back home. i love the structure of it. it's NOT boring and really fun and engaging. drew and jon are BAMFers

  5. Abimanyu Saridjo said

    also +1 to the first commenter. if you can include ajax in the next series that would be great. maybe embed a facebook, twitter feed into the site, or teach how to create a slideshow :)

  6. djrhodes said

    Course is very well presented and clear. I think what would be beneficial though is to add a part 4 to show bringing the content from a database\web service rather than hardcoding it in the form. This would make it more closely resemble a real world scenario.

  7. kinlsweden said

    Excellent! A very good look into how the developers are working. But it would be nice to also see how to actually add a story. Now we only see a nice form, but can not add anything. Part 4 coming soon? Please ;)

  8. Student #2272311 said

    Great course! Will you guys ever introduce php to your courses?

  9. sterling82 said

    Really good course and learnt some new tricks along the way, very clear and concise. Thanks.

  10. Raul Alfonso Sanchez Cayo said

    Great! Keep doing videos like this with different courses, it's a really good way to really work with what I've been learning. Thanks.

  11. jossrectitud said


    How can we make a border-radius on top of the modal box? I tried applying border-radius on both classes of 'modal' and 'modal-media' but they dont seem to it because the image is pulled out of gravatar? well actually i've also tried referencing an image locally but it still doesnt work?

    Sorry noob here..


  12. jossrectitud said

    ^Nevermind! Got it to work!

    I added a class on an img and manipulated that on CSS directly..I also made sure it matches the radius on the modal box so they seems to work..Now, Iam my solution efficient?


  13. wonderson said

    This is so great.... Looking forward to part 4. Add database for comments and likes.

About This Screencast

Learn to create and display a modal pop-up window by using HTML, CSS, and jQuery in the final episode of the Build an Interactive Website series. Watch as we add the finishing touches to our Front-end News site.

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