Screencast Creating Ruby Gems Ruby

  • Tyler Hunt
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  1. Felipe Cypriano said

    Good video. I'm new to Ruby and I was very curious to know more about the gems.

  2. Dmytrii Nagirniak said

    Haa, it's so obvious how you are reading everything :)

  3. David Harris said

    Great video Tyler! It's obvious you have a firm grasp of the material you're talking about. I like how you delved into some useful details (like what exactly a gem was (a tar archive))and still kept everything simple. I'll definitely be using this. Thank you

  4. David Biehl said

    awesome. just what i was looking for

  5. Brian Kelly said

    Really great job! Super clear and excellently paced.

  6. Gaurav Chande said

    This was great! Thanks Tyler.

  7. Ben Davies said

    Great screencast thanks!

  8. Yong Bakos said

    Awesome screencast that does a great job of breaking down the anatomy of a gem and some fundamental best practices.

  9. Louis Borsu said

    Thanks you Tyler !

  10. Francisco Aso said

    This was really great! Even better using vim.

  11. Chrisgo said

    Thank you Tyler!

About This Screencast

In Ruby when it's time to share code accross applications we use Ruby Gems. In this screencast Tyler Hunt walks you through everything you need to know to start creating, testing, and deploying your own Gems.

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