Screencast CSS3Buttons Gem HTML/CSS

  • Gregg Pollack
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  1. antsav said

    great screencast, thank you !

  2. Eric Raio said

    Great screen cast! Already applied this to one of my little in house office application!

  3. Justin Herrick said

    Great Screencast and Gem, I've already used it in an application.

  4. Ismael Marin said

    Great Screencast, but after doing the HTML5 & CSS3 course, i prefered to do it using css3.

  5. Kevin Collignon said

    Wow this is great! I didn't know about this until now. sweet.

  6. Toby said


  7. Toby said


  8. Jordan Scales said

    A lot of this has changed with css3buttons version 1.0, and, unfortunately, I'm having a lot of trouble getting it to work correctly with rails 3.1.x

  9. Jordan Scales said

    Apologies for the double comment - the issue was that I kept the server running while installing gems and configuring my stylesheets. Hoping this helps someone who might run into the same stupidity.

  10. José Miguel Bailo Melo said

    Wow, it's very simple, nice screencast! :)

  11. Andey Mosin said

    Just awesome! Really quick and simple. Thanks for it.

  12. Mark Grandjean said

    Simple and Easy. Thanks!

  13. Sruthi said

    I'm having trouble making this work with Rails 3.2 version. Any suggestions?

  14. Sruthi said

    For Rails 3.2, having Assets Pipeline enabled, all you have to do is move all the images & stylesheets related to css3buttons respectively to the folders in 'Assets'.

  15. Mike Jewett said

    when I run rails g css3buttons I get a message that reads: "Could not find generator css3buttons." Does anyone know how to fix this?

  16. Mike Jewett said

    nevermind, I just had to install css3buttons 0.9.5, since I'm still on rails 3.0.

  17. Khiet Le said


  18. hacktorious said


  19. Phillip said

    What a fantastic gem, great video

  20. saurabh saxena said

    great video ....

  21. kayris said

    cool .. this looks like codeschool beta lol nice video though!

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Learn how to use the CSS3Button gem in this screencast by Gregg Pollack

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