Screencast Docker: Part 1 Electives

  • Evan Machnic


  1. DennisStritzke said

    You said at about 1:35 min that Docker is a client server application, but isn't this only true at Mac OS X and Windows? If I get it right it should execute at your OS, if you're running any of the most common linux distros.

  2. Faculty

    Evan Machnic said

    Dennis, while it does run natively on Linux versus virtualized on OSX, it still has the Docker daemon (server) running in the background. You use the command line client to interact with it. That's what is meant by "client-server model"

  3. mogramer said

    Thanks! I got everything working! Great intro!

  4. Sebastian said

    Hi Evan, first of all, this tutorial series is amazing! I have a problem running docker ps to get the PID. All i get is an error message:

  5. Sebastian said

    Woops, docker ps is working now. Sorry for the noise ...

  6. Luis La Torre said

    The resource links need to be updated, I am getting a 404

  7. Faculty

    Bijan Boustani said

    I pushed a fix for the links. Thanks for the heads up!

  8. gauravbchopra said

    I need to know how can I build a docker image where I build mysql DB and also I am able to create database and tables from scratch.

  9. Jason Sultana said

    The OSX information in this video seems out of date. Boot2docker is either no longer used or is bundled in the native OSX docker engine nowadays.

    Also, if anyone else couldn't override the default nginx index page, it's because on Ubuntu, the nginx root isn't in /usr/share/nginx/, it's under /var/www/ (see

    Modify your Dockerfile accordingly and you should be fine :-)

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