Screencast Docker: Part 4 Electives

  • Evan Machnic
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  1. Tha Leang said

    great episode!! I'm loving this docker series!

  2. Faculty

    Evan Machnic said

    Tha Leang, thanks for the kind words!

  3. MrJaba said

    You mention using the -rm option so we can use the "web" name again, but in the video this is not shown. For anyone else following along it's just: docker run -i -t -rm ....

  4. jtsaito said

    Thanks, Evan, great series of screencasts! I'd also love to have an additional episode on on automating deployments some day.

  5. Heitor Tashiro Sergent said

    Thanks for the series as well Evan! As much as Docker is in the news, there's still not as many resources to learning it, and this is awesome. :)

  6. wilsonwilson said

    Thanks for these 4 episodes, and Jtsaito is right, we want to see an additional episode on on automating deployments! :)

  7. Josh Peak said

    An episode on AWS ECS would also be a great compliment. These have actually clarified quite a few things for me which existing documentation was a little too verbose about. Thanks

  8. Tony Archer said

    Unfortunately the link at the bottom doesn't resolve anymore. Also, I'm disappointed that there wasn't much information on how to actually use the yml file. As someone who's very new to Docker, that and the file structure would be helpful.

About This Screencast

In the fourth and final part of our Docker series, Evan Machnic shows us how to link multiple Docker containers so they can talk to one another and share processes.

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