Screencast Factory Girl Ruby

  • Carlos Souza
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  1. Ryan Smith said

    Awesome Caike! I had a fair understanding of FG before this but this definitely removed some of the guesswork I had.

  2. Eric Raio said

    This was great!

  3. Juarez P. A. Filho said

    Nice explanation. Clean an objective!

  4. Brian Kelly said

    This was really well done. Thanks, Caike!

  5. steve said

    well done! pareto's law, hitting the 80% of what you need to know. perfect!

  6. Faculty

    Carlos Souza said

    Thanks, guys! Appreciate the feedback :)

  7. Jason Miller said

    Just what I needed. Thanks for this Caike!

  8. Christopher Mar said

    I learned a few power user tricks from this video. I had been using the older style :parent => for inheritance. Nice to see the nesting does the same thing.

    Also, I had never inspected the attributes or played with the factories in the console. What a great way to make sure they are behaving correctly before building the tests.

  9. Frederico Martins Porto said

    Nice explanation. Thanks, Caike!

  10. 42 Dev Team said

    As if I didn't love FactoryGirl already, the bits on sequences was awesome. Never fully understood that until now. Nice work!

  11. WebDevEscobar said

    Thanks, the screencast was clear and straight to the point!

  12. Tyler Kern said

    This was extremely helpful! Thanks!

  13. erozas said

    Great stuff Caike. Thanks!

About This Screencast

FactoryGirl is a ruby gem to help create test factories for your Rails test suite. Caike Souza shows you how to get it installed and creating test data.

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