Screencast God Framework - Part 1 Ruby

  • Evan Machnic
Badge student

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  1. magic2k said

    Thanks! Interesting kind of watchdog.

  2. dryPants said

    Very interesting. For the next part i would like to know if also remote checking works?

  3. Will said

    Amen! This is really neat. Looking forward to part 2, Evan.

  4. Κώστας Καραχάλιος said

    Really well done introduction to God. Small and to the point.

  5. Grzegorz Brzezinka said

    Very useful tool! I am just wondering, how shall we controll God? I mean when the God process get stuck, it will fail to monitor other processes... Shall we bind God to the system watchdog then?

  6. claudiu said

    can you tell us what kind of editor are you using and any special setup?

  7. Faculty

    Evan Machnic said

    Claudiu, check out this screencast

  8. Lino Gomez said


About This Screencast

God is an easy to configure, easy to extend monitoring framework written in Ruby. In this episode of Code TV, we cover the reasoning behind the framework, some basic examples, and walk through a configuration for a production Rails environment to monitor Unicorn workers.

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