Screencast jQuery ColorBox JavaScript

  • Darren
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  1. jacob said

    The URL to download ColorBox that is shown in the video no longer works, the plugin can be downloaded from

  2. Pavel said

    very useful plugin, thanks !

  3. Miguel said

    Really easy! great man.

  4. Troy Gilbert said

    In the "more info" blurb next to the video, I think you mean it displays a modal, not model, box.

  5. Marcos Vinicius Gouvea said

    Pretty Good ! Thanks :D

  6. Ricardo Alkmim said

    Great !! Congradulations !!

  7. Jayesh Tiwari said

    Awesome screencast.

  8. lvekua said

    very useful and simple to implement plugin, thanks!!!

  9. Chema Gallego said

    Simple and effective = powerful :)

About This Screencast

This is a beginner jQuery screencast where we'll learn about the jQuery ColorBox plugin. This plugin gives you a nice looking 'model' box to use on your websites.

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