Screencast Let's Code JavaScript: Shell Scripting JavaScript

  • jamesshore
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  1. Tom Gillard said

    Hi there,

    Great video series.

    I've just noticed that clicking "Next video" actually goes to the previous video (eg: Ch1 E3 > Ch1 E2 in stead of Ch1 E3 > Ch1 E4)

    and clicking "Previous Video" does the opposite (eg: Ch1 E2 > Ch1 E3 in stead of Ch1 E2 > Ch1 E1)

  2. Faculty

    jamesshore said

    Heh, good catch. I'll bring it up with my contact at Code School.

  3. Faculty

    jamesshore said

    Tom, I just spoke with Samantha at Code School and unfortunately the links are meant to work that way. Here's what she said:

    "Instead of moving through a specific series, it just moves back-and-forth between our entire library in the order the screencasts were published. So when you are watching the newest released screencast, there won't be a "Previous Video" button because nothing is newer than that one. However, if you hit "Next Video," it will take you down the line of all of our published screencasts... I apologize for any confusion with the functionality!"

    Thanks for watching!

  4. brandondtran said

    This was great! Give us more shell scripting please!!

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