Screencast Padrino Ruby

  • Josh Cheek
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  1. Ismael Marin said

    Great intro to padrino i really enjoy the video, thank you Josh!, one particular thing about padrino that i think is very interesting is the sub app generator and the localization is very interesting.

  2. Bharat Ruparel said

    Hello Josh, Nice work as usual. Perhaps you may want to include a "why are we doing this section up-front in your screencast." As an experienced Rails developer, I am left scratching my head as to why Padrino is duplicating what is already there in Rails. Admittedly, the DSL may be a bit cleaner, but seriously, is that a good enough reason to leave the maturity and momentum of Rails and jump on the Padrino band-wagon? Kindly explain. Thanks. Bharat

  3. Ismael Marin said

    Hi Bharat, i think that you may use the right tool for the right job, i think that for a small project padrino or sinatra may fit better than Rails, don't you think?

  4. Craig Hansen said

    Bharat - I'm only a few days into using Padrino, but for me part of the "why" is about Sinatra. Simplicity, flexibility and performance are key drivers here. For many I think Padrino will appeal to developers who really like the performance, architecture and philosophy of Sinatra, but also don't want to lose some of the syntactic sugar of Rails. The built-in admin piece is a big deal for me, as my attempts to use other solutions were disappointing. I anticipate that being a big time saver for me. I also agree with @igmarin on the sub app functionality, which means I can do things the Sinatra way but with a lot more flexibility. The app templating is cool too, and I like that they chose Thor for the automation.

  5. Americo Savinon said

    Good intro to Padrino. Maybe the admin section could have added towards the end of the video and not right away. But overall a good video Josh.

  6. Michael Pankov said

    I'm new to Rails but I didn't notice a single difference between Padrino and Rails so far.

  7. Moritz Pipahl said

    Constantius: How about routing?!?

    Generally, Padrino is aiming to be a sort of "no frills" version of Rails. You do have the most commonly used methods and helpers from rails, but some things are missing, and you trade the things missing for more simplicity and performance.

  8. Yong Bakos said

    The screencast provides a very nice overview of Padrino. Would have been nice to see a little bit about creating one's own helpers, to round out the coverage.

  9. Ewan McDonnell said

    Our university group went with Sinatra. There didn't seem to be as much support material for Padrino. However our build was practically the same as Padrino anyway.

About This Screencast

Padrino is a Ruby Web Framework built on top of Sinatra which aims to make it fun and easy to code more advanced web applications. In this cast Josh Cheek will show you how to make a basic Blog using Padrino.

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