Screencast Pair Programming Electives

  • Mario Gintili
Badge student

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  1. jasonyost said

    Excellent demonstration. Thanks!

  2. JisuKim82 said


  3. Raul said

    you can return self.to_enum instead of calling each

  4. alexpopa said

    Well ... that was umm ... interesting.

  5. Sami Shelah said

    Not much was said about the actual Pair Programming technique other than first 50 seconds. I was hoping they describe more details about Pair Programming as they went along.

  6. dfox789 said

    great demo.. 2 minds are greater than one especially with dealing with the programming errors. In my case I find I can do 100% of the things incorrect so a partner will save much head-banging.

About This Screencast

In this Code TV episode, Mario Gintili introduces us to the benefits of pair programming. He then dives right into a pairing session with Sam Joseph for a demonstration of the ping-pong technique and test-driven development.

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