Screencast RSpec 3 Best Practices Ruby

  • Mario Gintili
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  1. johncblandii said

    Aside from the swallowing and smacking, good stuff. :-D Found a couple tips/tricks there.

  2. Patrick Helm said

    Well, did you try to call('rock' , 'paper') ? You did not tested this.

    Output will be: "rock beats scissors"

  3. Faculty

    Mario Gintili said

    Hello Patrick, well spotted!

    I kept the repository on my Github account. Just uploaded a correction for that scenario :)

  4. gregovich said

    great screencast! learn a lot of new tricks! Keep them coming =)

  5. Leon Davis said

    Thanks for this video!

    There seem to be very few pure RSpec 3 no rails specific video's out there. The few I have seen have poor audio due to being recordings of a presentation.

    I would like to point students towards this video, however there during the video, at about 15 mins in, there is a mistake that you later spot is due to the get_user_input not being the correct test variable to compare against. In an ideal world it would be great if this bit could be edited out as it takes away from what is otherwise a pretty smooth/confident demonstration of RSpec and TDD.

    Thanks again for your effort.

  6. David Baynes said

    A very practical, thorough and much appreciated look at RSpec 3. Thank you!

  7. Jordan Walsh said

    first time Rspec beginner here, I followed every step of the way (while pausing to replay/catch up with my typing) and I did learn a lot!

    Writing Rspecs for a slightly larger scale project and a project that uses data from MySQL would be VERY HELPFUL as well! Just something to consider, thanks!

About This Screencast

In this Code TV episode, Mario Gintili will walk through Ruby's most powerful testing framework, RSpec 3. Mario will break down the new features you can expect and go over some principles of test-driven development.

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