Screencast Setting Up Rails Ruby

  • Evan Machnic
Badge student

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  1. Randy Burgess said

    Short, succinct, and easy to follow. Nice video for beginners.

  2. Kristian said

    Great! Thanks!

  3. Ali Bahsisoglu said

    Nice screencast, thanks!

  4. Miguel said

    Wow, will it be so easy? Let´´s try for myself :-S. Congrats for this nice screencast.

  5. Brendan said

    Although a little further that this in developing, great to recap!

    Also for rails testing development, I recommend using POW ( ) this can be installed with HOMEBREW which is a must for keeping your mac tidy and less to break from the Bash terminal :)

  6. acohen1644 said

    For the last 24 hours or so, has been down. Has it moved, or something?

  7. Faculty

    Evan Machnic said

    The new host is not

  8. acohen1644 said

    Thanks! You may want to update the "RVM website" link under the "Resources" tab.

About This Screencast

So you've played through Zombies and you're ready to start developing Rails. There are a few applications you may want to get familiar with, like git and RVM. In this screencast we walk through some of the basics to get you up and running

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