Screencast Soup to Bits: Warming up with Ember JavaScript

  • GreggPollack

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  1. nrofkahr said

    That was a good review of the course. I'd love to see more tutorials with how to integrate Ember with say...Firebase

  2. Xenos54 said

    This series is really helpful! Keep them coming! Thanks

  3. denis said

    Very helpful. Would love to see screencasts on integrating frontend frameworks with backend technologies and dbs.

  4. Faculty

    Gregg Pollack said

    Thanks guys.. Dennis, we'll definitely be adding more of those. =)

  5. Brian Han said

    Thanks for the screencast + another thanks for the ember course (my fave).

    I was wondering if there will be a screencast for updating our handlebars templates to HTMLbars when that is integrated into Ember?

  6. tony007 said

    ember with rails!

  7. christa402 said

    One of the best overall Ember tutorials I've seen to date. +1 to seeing this work with a real API and using the RESTAdapter.

  8. christa402 said

    One of the best overall Ember tutorials I've seen to date. +1 to seeing this work with a real API and using the RESTAdapter.

  9. melozipp said

    Amazing!!! Now we can create our own book organizer.

  10. gmccarvell said

    I wasn't as thrilled with this as others. You spend as much time fixing your copy/paste as you would have just coding it... except it's not nearly as descriptive.

  11. Matt Ryan said

    Any chance we could get the source?

  12. Jonathan Ruiz said

    Awesome Screencast, I love this way of following up on new courses. Keep them coming!

  13. Jonathan Ruiz said

    @Matt Ryan The source code is available at

  14. Matt Ryan said


  15. Mohamad El-Husseini said

    Great screencast. This is also a great way to go over material that has been updated since the course was released.

  16. Kalman Hazins said

    You guys rock! Great screencast!

  17. chandra sekhar pitani said

    amazing screencast. nice follow up to the ember course. I second tutorial for integration with Firebase/Parse

  18. davecyen said

    Integration with Firebase/Parse would be awesome!

  19. RĂ©mi Goyard said

    Great screencast, thanks. It would be awesome with a REST backend.

  20. Rodney Blevins said

    Great work, guys! I loved watching it mistakes, and all. It makes this n00b feel a little better with all the mistakes I make. :-)

  21. mogwaipr said

    Great video, but I wondered last night if there is a way in ember (using this same example) to be able to select more than one genre instead of only displaying one.

  22. Joel Taylor said

    Hey, what Sublime Text package are you using for the autocompletion? (loved the vid!) :)

  23. dudeabides said

    If you have an app with 100+ views, what's the best way to use Ember. Having 100 templates in index.html wouldn't be ideal for manageability. And in that event how would you handle session state if your app is divided up with different index.html files in different subfolders in a Rails 4 app?

  24. prakash varma said

    Excellent work guys!!!

  25. Alex Blakemore said

    Really good followup to cement concepts from the excellent Ember course. Two suggestions. Mention ember-cli and/or other ways to use Ember in production (since putting templates in script tags gets cumbersome as apps grow), and also please update for HTMLBars when available. Looking forward to Intermediate and Advanced Ember courses :-)

  26. Faculty

    Adam Fortuna said

    Joel: No autocompletion plugins were used actually! That was just Sublime text coming up with autocomplete based on the other code in the current file.

    Brian & Alex: We'll see about planning something around HTML Bars once that's to the point with Ember support. We started hearing about when we started the course in November, but it's progressing fast!

    Dudeabides / Alex: In the upcoming Surviving Rails API Soup to Bits, we move this Ember app over to use it with Ember! I think that'll help bridge the gap between the starting point and using it with something you could put out into production.

  27. Kevin Lozandier said

    I think once Ember Data becomes more stable, a quick screencast about the common pitfalls of hooking it up with a Rails backend may be useful for students, particularly the difference between the version that works best with Active Model Serializers versus "regular" Rails JSON conventions.

  28. Guillaume said

    Good companion video when you finished the ember courses. Glad to see how to build a simple app from start to end.

  29. lzco said

    Great screencast to complement the Warming up with Ember.js series! Thanks!

  30. Faculty

    Adam Fortuna said

    We just released a new screencast showing how to convert this application to using Firebase:

  31. Andreas Koutsoukos said

    Thanks for the great screencast. Can you make other screencast with the option of draft the reading reviews? So save it temporary and after you are done you can publish. Same way as wordpress blog post. Is it possible to make it like that in emberjs?

  32. AJ Webb said

    Now you just need a screencast to teach Ember-CLI ;)

  33. Tom Davies said

    Is there a known solution for the bug within this app where the belongsTo (Review -> Genre), doesn't update the (Genres -> Reviews) hasMany array? You can see bug in the video @ 1:23: 50 when Adam clicks on the genre 'Science Fiction', but Ender's Game is not listed.

  34. Faculty

    Adam Fortuna said

    @Tom: Nice catch! In our follow up to this screencast, Dylan actually called me out on that bug and went ahead and fixed it for us. If you want to checkout that screencast, it's available here:

  35. kiffing said

    Enjoyed watching two creative minds in action. Gives one a good impression of how best to proceed with setting up a typical ember application from scratch. Good job guys.

  36. David said

    How would one go about listing the genres in the genre template? similar to the index layout. I tried adding the similarly to the way we added them to the index route, but that didn't seem to work as expected. Clicking on the links left me with a blank page and only loaded books on refresh.

  37. IvanGarcia said

    Are you guys planning on doing something about Ember CLI? I think the kit was deprecated.:(

  38. Nikhil Fadnis said

    Please come up with a course on ember-cli. This is completely outdated.

  39. shakuro said

    Nikhil Fanis : I done the same things than movie with ember-cli. this is a good way to learn by tryning adaptations by oneself.

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After you play our Warming Up With Ember.js course, you can watch this screencast to see how your newly learned course skills can help you build an Ember app from scratch. Course creators Adam Fortuna and Gregg Pollack will break your learning into practical next steps.

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