Screencast Unix Basics - Part 1 Electives

  • Jay McGavren
Badge student

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  1. Murat said

    Nice screencast, thanks ...

  2. Darren said

    Well done! I look forward to part 2.

  3. Mitch said

    Good Job.

  4. Martin Sotirov said

    Brief and to the point! This would have been very helpful to have when I was starting out with Linux. Thanks for the screencast!

  5. Vibhor Mahajan said

    Been delaying understanding these concepts thanks to user friendly interface of Ubuntu. Felt guilty about it... Not anymore :)

  6. codec01 said

    Well done! Looking forward to #2!

  7. 42 Dev Team said

    This was great. Some of us CLI nerds forget that there are lots of folks out there who don't even know where to begin when it comes to terminal stuff. Keep 'em coming!

  8. Cameron_Hopkin said

    Thank you for this information. Very informative and a great start for learning Unix.

  9. spaceshipdev said

    It's funny howthe simple things get forgotten. cd ../.. will now be a part of my every day life once more. Great job :-)

  10. don hill said

    if you have problem remembering the commands, there are a bunch on the X systems. Here is list

  11. oliver said

    Good screencast, I liked especially the symlinks. :)

  12. Humberto Martin del Campo said

    Good Job. Waiting for part 2 :D

  13. Dave Woodall said

    Great Presentation! I like your format!

  14. Ekta said

    Very Informative and good for beginners

  15. Matt OToole said

    Nice. Good pace. Why is he doing an impression of Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory all the way through it, though? ;)

  16. MIDIcine said

    As a beginner, I found this video extremely helpful.

  17. Sirwan said

    Excellent, very usefull, thanks ...

  18. Liviu Bunda said

    Great screencast, loved the sci-fi references.

  19. Troy Murray said

    Nice work Jay. I've used UNIX for the past six years but didn't know about the inode and how that factors into links, especially across volumes. Thanks for the instruction.

  20. Gabriel Hardy said

    Awesome screencast. I wish you were my OS teacher when I was first introduced to UNIX.

  21. Hugo Freitas said

    Very well explained, thanks!

  22. Dominick Guzzo said

    super useful. cd ../.. somehow has eluded me, and caught some other good bits in there as well. cheers.

  23. Borja Martín Fernández said

    Great! I was looking for a ln -s "human" explanation, and I finally got it! Grtz Jay! Everything worked fine in my OS :)

  24. Anthony said

    thanks a lot Jay, as a newbie to developing on a Mac, this screencast series on Unix is helping me a lot.

  25. Amy Ton said

    whoa! everything was moving so fast, but i learned so much!

  26. Sergio Barrera said

    Awesome! Thanks Jay for the Tut!

  27. assanov said

    Awesome!, thanks for introduction!

  28. bkzguo said

    Nice one, neat and efficient learning resource! Thanks Jay!

  29. Mojo3354 said

    Awesomely awesome!

  30. Vik-To-R said

    good job explaining links/symlinks.

  31. Daczo Attila said

    To the point and effective! Thanks!

About This Screencast

Developers often forget there was a time they didn't know their "cp" from their "ls". Unix newbies sometimes find a shortage of sympathetic teachers. No worries! In Part 1 of Unix Basics, we'll show you how to sling files and directories like a pro. We'll also impart knowledge of the file system that could put you a step ahead of even the veterans...

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