Screencast Vagrant: Part 2 Electives

  • Evan Machnic
Badge student

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  1. gocoolkris said

    Hi Evan,

    Thanks for the video. It was a great starter for me to dive deep into the documentation. I just spent a couple of hours and i am already using chef_client(which i found to be most pertinent for my use case)...

  2. Faculty

    Evan Machnic said

    Thanks for the support. I used to be a big proponent of Chef Solo but I find that with the docs more geared to Chef Server and Opscode offering 5 nodes for free, using server/client tends to be easier.

About This Screencast

In part 2 of our Code TV series on Vagrant, Evan Machnic walks us through some provisioning and configuration options for our Vagrant virtual machine.

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