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  • Free

    Shaping Up With AngularJS

    Learn to extend HTML's syntax with AngularJS to create dynamic web applications.

    ~ 5.0 hours
  • AngularJS - Part 1

    AngularJS, the Superheroic JavaScript MVW Framework, simplifies many of the challenges associated with developing single-page web applications. In part one of this series, we&#3...

    9 minutes
  • AngularJS - Part 2

    AngularJS, the Superheroic JavaScript MVW Framework, simplifies many of the challenges associated with developing single-page web applications. In part two of this series, we&#3...

    7 minutes
  • Build an AngularJS App

    After playing the Shaping Up With AngularJS course, you can watch this in-depth screencast hosted by Gregg Pollack and Alyssa Nicoll to learn the practical steps of building an ...

    about 1 hour
  • Staying Sharp With AngularJS

    Use AngularJS to create flexible directives and reusable services for a modular and speedy app!

    ~ 6.5 hours
  • Build a Note-taking App With AngularJS

    Bring together Angular, Bootstrap, and Node as you learn to build your first Angular app. Watch us build NoteWrangler, the app we started in Staying Sharp with Angular.js that h...

    about 3 hours
  • Angular on Fire

    In this episode of Code TV, Alyssa Nicoll will walk through how to utilize Firebase within the AngularJS application, NoteWrangler, that was used within the Staying Sharp with A...

    14 minutes
  • MEAN Stack: Firing a Tracer Bullet

    Learn to install and integrate each of the MEAN stack technologies: MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS, and Node.js. In this first episode of the MEAN stack series, we'll be set...

    36 minutes
  • MEAN Stack: Anchor Links, Routes, and Medals

    Learn to create anchor links using ui-router and add another endpoint to Express.js, which will fetch data stored on MongoDB and serve it back to AngularJS. In this second episo...

    about 1 hour
  • MEAN Stack: Adding New Medals

    Learn to add a form using AngularJS, submit this form to a new Express.js endpoint, and create new records on MongoDB, all in this final episode of the MEAN stack series. Watch ...

    36 minutes
  • Front-end Formations

    Learn the latest versions of HTML and CSS.

    ~ 5.0 hours
  • Shell Productivity - Part 1

    In this episode, Jay McGavren shares some of his favorite tricks for working in the shell. No unreadable sed or awk scripts here. Just simple, solid tips you can use every day, ...

    16 minutes
  • Rails Boot Time

    Quick tips for benchmarking and improving your Rails app's boot time, including an introduction to the almighty Zeus gem.

    5 minutes
  • Rails-API - Part 1

    With the rise of mobile applications, Angular.js and Ember.js support an increasing number of use cases where you only need Rails to serve an API and you can do away with the fr...

    6 minutes
  • Cloud Architecture

    In this Code TV screencast, Evan Machnic discusses application architecture with a focus on cloud deployments. Topics include: cloud-based servers, file system interaction, depe...

    5 minutes
  • Reusable Angular Directives

    In this episode, John Lindquist from picks up where the Shaping Up With Angular.js course left off and walks us through creating reusable directives. is a ...

    6 minutes
  • Flexible Angular Directives

    In this episode, John Lindquist of gives us some more great Angular content that picks up where the Shaping Up With Angular.js course left off. In the previous episod...

    15 minutes
  • VimCasts: Fugitive.vim

    In this final episode of our VimCasts series, Drew introduces us to the Fugitive plug-in for Vim. Already one of his most popular episodes, Drew walks us through how to perform ...

    8 minutes
  • Build an Express.js App With TDD

    In this episode, we are going to take what we learned from Building Blocks of Express.js and build an application from the ground up. Carlos Souza and Gregg Pollack take the sam...

    about 2 hours
  • Let's Code JavaScript: Gather Your Tools

    In the first episode of the Let's Code JavaScript guest series, James Shore will discuss some tools you can use to get your development environment set up like a professiona...

    18 minutes
  • Ruby 2.2 Features

    In this episode, Evan Machnic will begin an ongoing series about the new Ruby 2.2 features. As new versions are released, we will follow up with a new screencast. In this episod...

    3 minutes
  • Metaprogramming Fundamentals: Include vs. Extend

    In the second episode of the Metaprogramming Fundamentals series, Evan Machnic will walk through include vs. extend. By the end of the screencast, you'll know what each one ...

    4 minutes
  • Accelerating Through Angular

    Learn how to use Angular with TypeScript to create dynamic web applications.

    ~ 6.0 hours
  • Build an Angular App With Component Interaction & Routing

    In this episode, we will take what you learned from the Accelerating Through Angular course by expanding on the app seen in the course. We will demonstrate how to scaffold an An...

    about 1 hour